MICE tourism in the Riviera Maya

MICE tourism in the Riviera Maya

MICE tourism in the Riviera Maya.

Stretched out in luxury on miles of white sand and the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, the Riviera Maya is a MICE tourism destination, both accessible and exotic. World class hotels in abundance offer lodging and conference space that are unsurpassed in excellence and which cater to the tastes and needs of any size or type of group.

But what are the practical reasons that MICE tourists choose the Riviera Maya as the place to hold their events? What makes the Mayan Riviera the best destination for event planners and those lucky souls that make it here?

MICE tourism in the Riviera Maya.

The Sundeck Lounge facilities in Riviera Maya Park.

Easy Access. The international airport in Cancun is a convenient gateway to the entire Maya Riviera. A well-tried infrastructure makes transportation and the coordinating of events easy for planners and participants. Excursions are well run and easily available.

Outstanding Hotel and Conference Space. The region’s hotels are plentiful and superb. They dot the coast along the Caribbean Sea and offer all the services any group could want. This is a MICE tourism friendly industry, experienced and successful in hosting groups of every size and with varied tastes and needs. And, of course, groups will dine fabulously on world renowned Mexican food and a wide variety of international cuisine prepared by experienced chefs.

Unsurpassable Setting. The Riviera Maya is an incredible combination of perfect white sand beaches, crystalline Caribbean waters, pristine environments, adventure opportunities and luxury.

The Sundeck Lounge is a great option for MICE tourism

The Sundeck Lounge facilities in Cancun.

Of course, the main attraction in Cancun and Riviera Maya is its turquoise sea and the wide variety of water activities that can be done.

You can dive and snorkel on the world’s second largest barrier reef or skim across the water’s surface on an array of aquatic rides. If your group shares a dream common to many of the tourists to this area, you can also take the opportunity to enjoy swimming with dolphins in the beautiful sets offered by Dolphinaris all along the Riviera Maya, Cancun and Cozumel.

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Another excellent choice for groups is the The Sundeck Lounge, by Dolphinaris: exquisite dining and drinks overlooking a tropical paradise, ocean view, palm trees and cavorting dolphins.

The Sundeck Lounge is a VIP area that includes an infinity pool, panoramic terraces, restaurant, fusion cuisine, premium beverages and of course, swimming with dolphins and permanent contact with one of the friendliest animals on the planet. It is available in the destinations of Cancun, Cozumel and the Riviera Maya Park.

Very modern and sophisticated space mixed with the swimming with dolphins experience is what makes this Dolphinaris feature ideal for MICE Tourism events. And, additionally, the premium service of food and beverages makes business groups enjoy a complete experience.

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