Earth’s MOST Exciting Job is… being a Dolphin Trainer in Riviera Maya!

Earth’s MOST Exciting Job is… being a Dolphin Trainer in Riviera Maya!

Who hasn’t made up dreams about their ideal lifestyle when growing up, or even after making your way through life? Everyone’s advice was always to make a living out of something that makes you happy and that won’t be a drag and boy, were they right. Let me tell you about my DREAM job, and how you can live this amazing experience for a day… Be a dolphin trainer in Riviera Maya!

What makes this experience so special?

As an animal lover and ocean conservation aficionado, I recommend this experience for a number of reasons… Before you read I’ll leave the link for the experience so you can have a look at it!

1. A TRUE connection:

For anybody who is seeking a very grounding and eye-opening experience, this program is IDEAL. All of the people who have taken part in this dolphin encounter with me leave with a huge grin on their faces. Many people even come back for more because they just can’t get enough of the Caribbean’s wonders!

Both kids and grown-ups can feel a deep and genuine bond with the dolphins, and I think it is a great opportunity to promote family values such as empathy, patience, respect, and compassion.

people touching a dolphin's belly along a dolphin trainer

2. A completely exquisite experience: Come and live it to believe it.

You may have noticed how there is a whole world of different options for dolphin encounters in the Caribbean… But WAIT! Don’t let yourself be fooled by them… I’m not saying that other dolphinariums aren’t good, or that you won’t have a good time but, there is simply no place like Dolphinaris. 

One thing I find pretty awesome about this dolphinarium is that the experiences are more than the traditional dolphin swim. On that same note, I want to clarify something: these are NOT dolphin swims. Every program crafted by Dolphinaris was made in a way that both you and the dolphin enjoy without harming the dolphin during the training, experience or at any moment!


3. Learn in a NEW, FUN and INNOVATIVE way!

Nobody has the patience (or time) to sit down and learn about every single important thing that is going on in the world today. Which is something that is not always our fault, but however should be taken care of. This encounter specifically is pretty informative about the dolphin’s physiology, their behaviors and their training overall.

One of the benefits of the fact that our programs are educational comes in the way that we teach and spread information. A hands-on learning experience (not to forget that it is during a vacation, AND in the Caribbean… Lucky you) works way more efficiently than hours of researching and trying to commit to search for veridic information.

We’ve got it covered, every Seaguard is trained to help spread awareness and answer questions to inspire you to keep on helping with the ocean’s conservation after your visit!.

Why I love being a Dolphin Trainer in Riviera Maya.

It is simply blissful to interact with such complex and amazing creatures on a day to day, and the most exciting part is getting to meet people from all over the world who are interested in what I’m passionate for… You’ll never be disappointed when visiting Dolphinaris as everyone that works here is passionate for what they do, and we all want to come together (you included!) to create a positive impact in order to revert the negative impact we, humans, have created on planet Earth…