The Ultimate Cancun Water Park: Ventura Park & Dolphinaris Partners in Fun

The Ultimate Cancun Water Park: Ventura Park & Dolphinaris Partners in Fun

Our Cancun water park partner in FUN, Ventura Park Cancun is a proud part of the Dolphinaris family, and our favorite place to play! Located in the hotel zone of Cancun, Ventura Park is the perfect place to swim with dolphins, and spend a day splashing and enjoying an adrenaline rush, or just chilling out and relaxing on the lazy river.

Ventura Park Cancun is a complete entertainment center, the ideal place to bring the family for a day full of adventure, from start to finish. No other Cancun attraction has more to offer, there are six worlds of fun including Dolphinaris Cancun and the Wet n Wild Cancun water park!

The Cancun water park of your dreams

The Ventura Park Cancun waterslides are awesome, the Twister and the Kamikaze are sure to give you a huge rush of adrenaline, and a big ole soakdown! The specially designed kids area is a hit with all ages, a safe space for even the tiniest travelers to enjoy splashtime. And of course everyone loves the wave pool! But, did you know that Ventura Park is more than a Cancun water park?

Extreme Cancun adventures and kart races

Adrenaline junkies, and lovers of extreme sports will want to visit Aaah! Ventura World, flying on ziplines, navigating the high ropes course or free falling in the Heli Jump. You’ll put your courage to the test and have the time of your life! Challenge your friends and family to a go kart race at the Grand Prix seaside track, high speed fun and thrills!

Videogames, lasers and even some old-school fun

For a virtual adventure, head on over to Underworld, the high tech gaming center that will have you battling in Laser Tanks and reliving the best Star Wars battles. Once you’ve conquered the future, you can return to the past and enjoy the traditional merry go round and roller coaster at Fun World.

Swim with dolphins in Cancun!

Last but not least, we cannot forget our favorite world at Ventura Park Cancun, Dolphinaris! Our bottlenose dolphin friends welcome you to play and learn all about them. Get a kiss, share a belly ride and live the dream of swimming with dolphins in Cancun.

Travelling with family is amazing, but it can be tricky trying to please everyone’s tastes and keep the whole gang entertained. Mom’s idea of fun is floating on an inner tube, dad and sister just want to go FASTER and little brother is, well, too little to voice an opinion but we know he just wants a safe place to play and splash.

Ventura Park Cancun and Dolphinaris offer something for everyone, from the littlest ones enjoying their first vacation to the daring teenagers looking for new adventures and the “let me relax” adults. We’ve got you covered.

We invite you to join us at Dolphinaris Cancun and our “more than a Cancun water park” friends at Ventura Park for the best day of your Cancun vacation! Family fun for all!