What to do in Riviera Maya: Half a Day in The most exclusive Dolphinarium.

What to do in Riviera Maya: Half a Day in The most exclusive Dolphinarium.

What to do in Riviera Maya: Half a Day in The most exclusive Dolphinarium.

Enjoy a deluxe experience at an accessible price. If you’re thinking about what to do in Riviera Maya Dolphinaris MUST be in your plans! I know there are endless activities to do in the Mexican Caribbean, and it can get tiring to look into all of them…

So let me help you out and tell you about this awesome place that will entertain people all ages and will give you memories of a lifetime.

Why Dolphinaris?

As a local who’s lived in Cancun for over 17 years, I’ve got my share of visiting various types of activities and all of the options available for each. This being said, know that my recommendation is written after visiting Dolphinariscompetitors, whom although were good or acceptable, never reaaally convinced me.

Great Prices

I said it earlier, I’ll say it again. Dolphinaris is a luxurious Dolphinarium that has SO MUCH to offer at a very low cost! It is a big winwin. I advise you to follow their social media to keep an eye on the limited time, exclusive offers, and also their yearround discounts! (I’ll link them below)

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Good Vibes

So, one thing I really dig about Dolphinaris is its whole atmosphere. I don’t remember the last time I felt so at peace yet thrilled after visiting a Dolphinarium or any activity for that matter.

No matter the program you choose to take part in I assure you that you’ll leave with a smile plastered on your face. No doubt. Also, you can remain calm about any aspects regarding the way that dolphins are treated at the dolphinarium. The trainers and staff at Dolphinaris take the dolphin’s wellbeing both physically and emotionally very seriously.

Great People

I have seen the way their staff train and interact with these amazing beings and you can see the love in their eyes as they do their jobs. I think a big part of this has to do with the fact that Dolphinaris ALSO funds studies and investigation programs for marine wildlife and ocean conservation. This can create a very mindful and conscious atmosphere in my opinion.

Good Intentions

I personally find it very respectable when an organization that involves animals actually follows through with the values they say to go by. Nowadays it is tough to find a genuine experience where profit is not the main focus or main goal.

The Experience:

There is a variety of programs that you can choose from, so you can see which one accommodates you best. Whether you’re intending to visit with your family, friends or significant other, Dolphinaris’ activities will bring you closer to one another and closer to Earth.

My favorite part is always feeling the way the dolphin’s heart is beating and hearing some of the ways they communicate via sonar, in real life! Another really awesome moment throughout the experience is the VR (Virtual Reality). I find it a clever way to involve new and former generations in ocean conservation while they feel connected to these spectacular beings.

Did I mention that this is the only place in the world with a VR experience in a dolphinarium?!? I truly hope that now you know what to do in Riviera Maya… Listen to what I’m saying and go have the time of your life!