Dolphin Connection


Swim with Dolphins in Riviera Maya

Dolphin Connection in Riviera Maya is to know the stillness of the ocean through the senses of the Dolphins, feeling the beating of their heart, looking directly into their eyes, listening to their sonar, knowing their sense of taste, and discovering the similarities between their blowhole and your nose.

It is one of the Riviera Maya activities that will make you connect with these beautiful Marine Mammals in every way, an experience that you will love!


What to expect?

  • 60 Minute experience
  • In the water, 40 minutes
  • Know the anatomy of Dolphins
  • Memories Collection

$99 USD
$74.25 USD

  • Touch: Feel the heart
  • View: Visual “Connection”
  • Hearing: Listen to their “Sonar” next to you
  • Taste: Description of the Dolphins’ Tongue
  • Smell: Discover the similarities between the Blowhole and your nose
  • Women under 5 months pregnant can participate accompanied by another paid adult after signing the responsive form.
  • The use of sunscreen and sunscreen is not allowed.
  • Children ages 1 to 5 are free and must be accompanied by a paying adult.
  • We recommend you bring cash to buy photos, souvenirs, and an extra change of clothes.

    Available with Extra Cost
  • Transportation
  • Food and drinks
  • Photos
  • Souvenirs

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