Dolphin Swims in Cancun: What is the AMHMAR?

Dolphin Swims in Cancun: What is the AMHMAR?

Dolphin Swims in Cancun: What is the AMHMAR?

Here at Dolphinaris we care about offering you the best dolphin swims in Cancun. Not only do we give you unforgettable experiences at great prices, but we also protect marine life and promote its conservation.

That’s why we are part of associations such as the AMHMAR (The Mexican Association of Habitats for the Interaction and Protection of Marine Mammals).


So what exactly is the AMHMAR?

AMHMAR is one of the leading non-profit organizations in the area. Their main focus is to protect and preserve marine mammals that are under human care; at the same time, they promote the conservation of the oceans through education.

So the AMHMAR, as an organization, represents the main companies that handle marine wildlife and human interactions. The structure these companies are under is permanently fixed, and it complies with the current standards and certifications.

All of these details are strictly and constantly verified by the authorities.

AMHMAR’s values :

  • Honesty and transparency at all times.
  • Respect for norms and obligations without distinction.
  • Social responsibility.
  • Promote and practice the strict care of the environment and habitat.
  • Promote lawful, orderly animal care and welfare.

AMHMAR’s liabilities:

  • Environmental education: 

The sector raises awareness of the importance of preserving marine life by doing over 176 thousand free visits with educational purposes. And by organizing beach cleaning days. They also have a group of zoologists, vets and biologists, to help cure and rehabilitate stranded marine animals.

  • Reproduction programs and life expectancy extension in relation to the wild:

Following a change of regimen made in 2004, no specimens have been captured anymore, as it is now illegal. Experts have made various studies in which they found that they increased life expectancy and decreased mortality by implementing the reproduction programs.

The animals went from living around 17 – 25 years, to turn more than 5o years in pristine conditions and under supervision.

  • Investment, infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and specialized personnel:

Over 2,400 millions of pesos have been provided in order to have facilities of the highest quality. As well as a perfectly trained staff made up of biologists and veterinary zootechnicians, that study and take care of our marine friends on a daily basis.

Each specimen has up to 1 million pesos put into its annual average investment for its mental and physical health.

  • Regulation and compliance with the regulatory framework:

The members of AMHMAR are controlled by the Wild Life General Law and its rules. SEMARNAT supervises the work plans systematically and examines the habitats with the specimens to ensure their optimal conditions.

  • Economic importance:

In Mexico, the habitats with marine wildlife present in them are crucial to the touristic sector economically speaking. More than 14,000 people are employed directly and indirectly. Up to 2.2 million people visit the AMHMAR’s associates installations yearly.

Responsible Dolphin swims in Cancun:

Our habitats host 288 individuals, and more than 60% were born under human care. This has been possible because of the conservation programs and the reassuring animal welfare we have implemented. Trust Dolphinaris for a once in a lifetime experience, and inform yourself about how you can contribute to the animals’ well-being.