What is the best place to swim with Dolphins in Cancun?

What is the best place to swim with Dolphins in Cancun?

What is the best place to swim with Dolphins in Cancun?

Uncover the magic beneath the water. Are you in Cancun and want to swim with dolphins?  With so many places and so many options it can be tough choosing the right place for you… But don’t fret about it, we will help you find the best place to swim with dolphins in Cancun!

What to Look For in a Dolphinarium?

Many times us, humans, tend to copy what others are doing. Sometimes it means wearing the same dress you saw Kim Kardashian posing with on Instagram. Sometimes you go to the new coffee shop because everybody is posting stories with their mugs and they look so cute.

Regardless if you’re a follower or a trend setter, we really want you to be conscious about choosing a Dolphinarium. When animals are involved in a choice that you are making, there are certain aspects you should care about. Don’t just pick a Dolphinarium based on its Facebook likes, or on what celebrity visited it recently and made it public.


Here are the details we think you should consider before you buy any Dolphin involving activities in Cancun, or anywhere in the world.

Socially Responsible?

As fun looking a Dolphinarium might be, there is one very important thing you probably overlooked: Is it socially responsible? Does it respect the animals? There are certifications that can answer these questions for you!

If a Dolphinarium has certifications and badges on their websites you should take a look at what they stand for. Here is one example:


The ESR® Distinctive is an award granted every year in Mexico by the Mexican Community for Philanthropy (Cemefi) and AliaRSE.

This award not only increases the value of the brand and profitability, yet in addition confirms organizations before their representatives, financial specialists, clients, experts and society, as an intentional and openly dedicated association with a socially dependable administration as a feature of their way of life and business procedure.

Loving & Respectful Atmosphere

When other people are involved in any activity or circumstance in life, you expect to be respected and to respect the others, right? This applies to animals too! Unfortunately, we often forget that these beings have feelings and need to be looked after, and deserve to be in a state of excellent health.

Don’t forget about our lovely friends… Make sure that the place you go to swim with dolphins at treats our fellow dolphins correctly.

If you’re seeking a dolphinarium where the caretakers and the dolphins create bonds and become very close, Dolphinaris is just the right place! Dolphinaris thrives to give you and the animals the best tratment and care you can ever get. They deserve love and respect, so let’s care for our friends!


The rest is up to YOU

Although there are many criteria you must take in count, these 2 are the main focus for the article… Lucky for you, Dolphinaris has both of these aspects covered, and other great benefits in store for you. Jump in, and discover all that it has to offer… In the end Dolphinaris is the best place to swim with dolphins in Cancun.

Visit the website to explore all of the different experiences, locations. features and certifications Dolphinaris has for you.