The best dolphin swim programs for kids

The best dolphin swim programs for kids

The best dolphin swim programs for kids.

Traveling with kids can be more stressful than anything else in the world, but it can also be an extremely rewarding experience. Usually, as long as you keep your kids entertained and busy, you won’t have too many problems. If you have decided to visit a Dolphinaris location, then you can rest assured that, at least during your time there, you will be able to relax and have fun with your kids for a change.

For toddlers ages 3 and up, the best program is the Dolphin Interactive Program. This takes place in the dolphin lagoon, but on a platform submerged in shallow water no deeper than 3 feet. Knowing how to swim is not a requirement, as the idea is to interact with the dolphins rather than swim with them. From the platform, toddlers (and everyone else) can pet, kiss, and shake hands with friendly dolphins.

Once children are 6 years old or older, they can graduate from the Dolphin Interactive Program and participate in almost all of the other programs that Dolphinaris has to offer. However, for children who are still quite young, the best program for them is the Dolphin Swim & Ride program. It’s just like the Dolphin Interactive Program except they can actually swim with the dolphins as well. The interactions are relaxed and safe, so it’s a good way for young children to interact more with the dolphins.

Kids ages 12 and up may see a lot of the programs as too short and not interesting enough. If that’s the case, they should look into the Trainer for a Day program, an 8-hour long program that teaches them all about what it takes to be a dolphin trainer. It includes dolphin interaction time, information sessions, training sessions, dolphin fun facts and more, plus lunch and drinks. Participants even get to have a backstage look at what the trainers do. Not only will this program keep your kids out of your hair for 8 hours, it will leave them ecstatic at having been able to experience what it is to be a dolphin trainer. 

Being on vacation as a family can be stressful, but if you plan to visit a Dolphinaris dolphinarium, at least for that day you can expect everyone to get along and have a great time. Creating family memories can be hard sometimes, but everyone remembers the time they swam with dolphins and how they shared that time with their loved ones.

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