Travelife Partner Recognition


DOLPHINARIS is pleased to announce its commitment to Sustainability by being part of the companies awarded by TRAVELIFE SUSTAINABILITY IN TOURISM as a TRAVELIFE PARTNER company.

It should be noted that this award is applicable to the entire Dolphinaris family: Dolphinaris Cozumel, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Barceló and Tulum. Travelife is a leading initiative in training, management and recognition for tourism companies committed to achieving sustainability. The management of sustainability includes all actions related to our commitment and our coherence with sustainable business practices.

The Dolphinaris family is committed to working with a sustainable policy improving the area of guest satisfaction, staff motivation, and business efficiency, rewarding good management with positive effects for the environment.

Sustainable management deference to the capacity of the human being to meet the needs of current generations without compromising the resources and opportunities for the growth and development of future generations.

In Dolphinaris we are willing to avoid that, with our activities, we continue to damage, destroy, or reduce the resources of our planet that must attend every day to the billions of inhabitants.

Contribute to society and sustainable tourism by minimizing our service environmental, socio-cultural and economic negative impact.

Apply, in our locations, good practices based on eco-efficiency for achieving sustainable development that allow us the healthy balance between our operation and the conservation of natural and cultural resources of our environment.

Our vision is to become one of the world’s leading parks and attractions company. With a strong and diversified brands and products catalog, to develop differentiated, creative, innovative, profitable and sustainable experiences that generate value for our collaborators and investors.

At Ventura Entertainment, processes are aligned to the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) criteria and indicators, in order to achieve the sustainability standards and goals, minimize environmental impact through good practices management in our locations of the Mexican Caribbean, and at the same time, contribute in the preservation of  the natural and cultural heritage , maximizing economic and social benefits of local communities with the objective of achieving sustainable development.

Our commitment to sustainable development is a continuous search for the balance between the needs of current generations and the requirements of the future ones, a balance between economic, socio-cultural development, environment and the preservation of destinations, among our different groups of interest.

Download our sustainability policy here.

Quintana Roo is one of the states with the best tourist offer in the whole country. Its Riviera is known for its scenic landscapes of turquoise blue beaches, activities of all kinds, a gastronomic offer of traditional flavors and the incomparable beauty of its Mayan monuments.

Quintana Roo has options for all kinds of travelers, from those who expect the highest luxury to those who prefer the simplest places in contact with nature.

Cancun is located in Quintana Roo, Mexico, and the clear Caribbean waters surround it. It is characterized by its beautiful beaches whose coral sand is fine and white. Its sea of transparent waters has an impressive shade of blue that goes from the emerald to turquoise and that will make you rethink what clarity means.

If you want to enjoy the sun, waves, reefs, and cenotes on the Mexican Caribbean coast; the Riviera Maya is one of the best destinations for diving and snorkeling but the sea is not the only place where you can practice water activities also in the cenotes of the area; natural pools formed by the mouth of underground rivers.

It is the first place in Mexico to receive the first rays of the sun.

This system Mesoamerican reef covers twenty-two kilometers that stretch on the white beaches that frame it. Thanks to its great marine biodiversity, it is considered an ideal place to practice diving, the large coral banks that form living underwater gardens are home to a rich and varied marine fauna; help us to take care of them:

  • If you dive with snorkeling equipment, do it safely and responsibly.
  • Take an approach that does not harm the reefs when you use sunscreen.
Simple Ways to Help the Environment

To keep the Caribbean waters clear and clean, follow these tips:

  1. Do not carry any plastic susceptible to fly away (bags, films, etc.).
  2. Do not smoke on the beach or, if you do, bring an ashtray and throw the cigarette butts in the trash.
  3. Collaborate in cleaning. If you see trash on the floor, remove it. You will feel better and the beach too.
  4. Take a shower before entering, to clean all fats that you may have in the body as sunscreens, creams, etc.
  5. Respect access to the beach and report any negligence.
  6. Be sure to follow the instructions of the guides of the places you visit so as not to disturb wildlife.

If you have any questions or do you want to know more about our sustainability actions, send a message to:

[email protected]