Plan Smartly. Book Now and Save with Dolphinaris!

Plan Smartly. Book Now and Save with Dolphinaris!

Plan Smartly. Book Now and Save with Dolphinaris!

Christmas and the rush/stress that comes with it are closer by the day! If all the crazy crowds and uber-expensive things drive you nuts too, then listen carefully… Plan smartly, Book NOW and save the day!


The best part of Christmas is being with your family, so don’t turn it into a nightmare with the unnecessary stress and anger!

You might find it hard to believe that traveling, buying gifts and prepping meals can be relaxing and pleasant. Well, think again… It can be! But how is this possible? One word, and one word only: Organization.

Firstly, you have to define the outcome you want. Once you’ve done that, follow these steps:

  1. You need to set a deadline for all of the purchases/subscriptions/bookings you’ll make. Otherwise, when Christmas Eve is just around the corner, you’ll be going out of your mind.
  2. Break that outcome down into bits and pieces, and WRITE IT DOWN on your planner or calendar. Organize what must be achieved each week for you to be on track.
  3. Take a DEEP breath. Oftentimes we get carried away at the moment, or get so stressed out that we forget to breathe! Be patient, and take breaks.

Okay, now you can learn some tips and tricks for the most important issues of the Christmas Rush.

Plane Tickets

  • Book at least  weeks in advance
  • Take a red-eye flight.
  • It’s preferable to have a long layover than to risk rushing through an overcrowded airport to your next flight. If you don’t make the connection, only out of mere luck there might be a seat on the next plane.


Cheap flights, book now and save

Cheap flights, book now and save.

  • By browsing in an incognito browser session, you might able to find a lower price because the website cannot use their tracking cookies to determine any previous browsing history you might have had.


  • Google Shopping is the way to go for finding the cheapest prices in gifts.
  • Lots of high street and high-end shops have online outlet stores. Use them!
  • Stick to a Christmas gift budget.
  • Take Advantage of Cyber Monday, you can find online bargains all year long at
  •  Get crafty, there’s nothing better than a homemade gift.


  • Sleep more than 1 night in your accommodation
  • Rent Apartments or Suites like Airbnb, for a safe and economical stay.
  • Stay in a nearby town or outside the city center
  • Sign up for e-newsletter deals
  • Call or Email the hotel directly, it should be easier to negotiate and find out about special packages, or other offers.


There’s nothing more important than enjoying life and living in the moment, so make the most out of it! There’s no need to make extra expenses or buy some ridiculously priced gifts. It is all in being with your family and making memories to last a lifetime. You and your loved ones can have a blast, and your pockets don’t have to end up empty!

Choose to play it smart, get ahead of everyone. Don’t pay more than you should just because you’re in a hurry… Book Now and Save with Dolphinaris!