Dolphin True Connection

Get closer to dolphins than ever before…

Are you ready to discover the magic of a dolphin connection? During your day on Cozumel, we’ll show you how to communicate one-on-one with these awe-inspiring marine animals in a way that’s sure to open your mind and warm your heart. Starting with a virtual reality experience followed by a 40-minute swim, Dolphin Tru Connection places you in direct contact with the dolphins, giving you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear them communicate via sonar and feel their heartbeat at your fingertips.


$199 USD
$139.3 USD

Your experience begins with a refreshing natural drink as your Seaguard guide welcomes you to Dolphinaris. After a brief orientation, follow your Seaguard to the upper level for a virtual reality experience where you’ll embark on an ocean voyage and explore the depths of the sea alongside a dolphin friend.

Once your virtual reality tour comes to a close, Seaguards will guide you to the dolphin habitat as your 40-minute swim begins in the deeper waters of our habitat, the best place immerse yourself in the dolphins’ environment and bond with them as they swim freely. Meanwhile, the trainer will give you insight into how dolphins communicate and behave. Book today and get water activities included* (snorkeling aquarium, paddle boarding and kayaking)

*Activities subject to availability and weather conditions.

Next is something that will truly blow you away: communicating with the dolphins in their own personalized way! Put on your dark-lens goggles and float face-up in the water. With your ears submerged, you’ll be able to hear first-hand how the dolphins talk underwater via sonar… an experience you won’t find above the surface! Afterward, you can deepen your bond by placing your hand over the dolphin’s heart to feel its heartbeat, giving you an even more profound understanding of how humans and animals are so closely connected.

You’ll get face-to-face for an unforgettable dolphin encounter as the dolphin says goodbye to you in its own personal way. Finally, the dolphin will dive down to a treasure chest at the bottom of the habitat and bring you a special gift: a dolphin fin charm made out of recycled materials.

Once the experience is completed, head to the terrace area, where you’ll strengthen your dolphin bond by making a pledge to care for the ocean environment, stamping your fingerprint onto your dolphin fin charm as a promise.

Dolphinaris joins you in this commitment, and will strive to protect the oceans alongside you in spirit once you’ve returned home.

After you’ve enjoyed a flavorful lunch, where you’ll have the chance to see all of your candid photos and videos presented to you on a tablet, you can spend the rest of your time indulging in the rest of the amenities found among the calm ocean coves of Dolphinaris Cozumel:

  • Access to the Exclusive Lounge with a private infinity pool plus.
  • Included food and drinks.
  • A swim in the snorkeling aquarium with tropical fish and other surprising sea creatures, and activities like paddle boarding and kayaking on the Caribbean Sea.
  • Welcome tropical Drink and fresh towel.
  • Personal Seaguard, Towels and Locker.
  • VR Ocean Experience.
  • A la carte Lunch (four course).
  • Unlimited drinks alcoholic and non alcoholic.
  • VIP access to water activities.
  • Commemorative Treasure pendant & Ocean environment Pledge.
  • Water activities included* (snorkeling aquarium, paddle boarding y kayaking)


  • Minimum age 12 year old.
  • 4 ft- 1.22 mts. – Weight 290 lbs.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women, people with neck, back injuries or heart problems.

*Activities subject to availability and weather conditions.

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