March 21th, 2020

At Dolphinaris the safety of our guests and staff is a priority, we have been closely monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) nationally and worldwide.

That is why as a preventive measure and considering the possible spread of more cases of COVID-19, we regret to inform you that our facilities will be temporarily closed for all our guests from Sunday March 22nd until further notice.

By having animals in human care, our work never stops, critical operations staff will continue working onsite to provide vital care to the animals and infrastructure. This includes Dolphinaris dedicated caretakers and veterinarians, who will continue providing the highest standards of professional care and welfare for all animals onsite.

This decision has been made with the objective of safeguarding the health and safety in our community, as well as the care and well-being of our guests and staff.

We will continue monitoring, attending and supporting the decisions of the State Government and the Federal authorities, we are convinced that united in a joint effort and work we will be able to reduce this contingency.

We are one


We are working to connect our phone lines again since all our agents are working remotely. If you have any question of your reservation, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always available for you on our live chat at our website or you could also contact us at through email at [email protected]


Prevention Measures About COVID-19

Dolphinaris has implemented the precautions and hygiene measures according to the prevention recommendations established by the Federal Government, the Ministry of Health and local authorities, however, it is important to consider that there is an inherent risk of exposure to the virus called COVID-19 in any public place. It should be noted that the COVID-19 virus is an extremely contagious disease that can cause serious illnesses including death, which is why, by visiting Dolphinaris, you voluntarily and tacitly assume all the risks related to exposure to the COVID virus- 19, defining Tagepa, SAPI. de C.V., and its holding companies and subsidiaries of any contagion liability.

We invite you to comply with the rules imposed within the park, otherwise, Dolphinaris reserves the right, without liability, to request the departure of the guest in order to prevail the health of our guests and collaborators.