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Have you ever imagined a dolphin taking you for a ride?

Tag along for a ride with a Dolphin!

Learn all about this fascinating dolphins with this swim program for all thrill-seekers. Some one-on-one interaction with these friendly creatures is just what you need during your vacation, all staged in an entertaining, controlled and safe setting.

You’ll get a mask to watch them swimming and gliding underwater and then hold on tight for the belly ride as the dolphin whisks you across the lagoon while you grab onto its dorsal fins!

During the Dolphin Ride Experience program, you’ll meet and navigate with dolphins due to the Belly ride behavior; you’ll touch, kiss and interact with them and learn from this majestic marine mammal species. With our trainers’ help, you’ll learn about their habits, physiology and how they communicate.

Reserve your Dolphin Ride Experience at Dolphinaris Cozumel, where you’ll have an exceptional ride that will become a lifetime memory.

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Our expert dolphin trainers are ready to offer you a full magical experience where they’ll give you advice and recommendations for your complete enjoyment. At Dolphinaris, we’re ready to introduce you to the dolphin behavior and physiology, while creating a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Interaction time: 40 minutes
Program length: 1 hour

Your program includes:

  • Orientation Session
  • Introduction to dolphin behavior and physiology
  • Personal interaction with our friendly dolphins
  • Dolphin kiss
  • Belly ride
  • Greet & wave
  • Time to swim with diving masks

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  • Six-year and older visitors with a minimum height of 1.22 m / 4 ft, are welcomed.
  • For your own safety, during your Dolphin Swim experience it’s important to leave out of the lagoon areas your personal belongings such as your camera, video and jewelry.
  • This experience is not recommended for pregnant women. If you are, you’ll be able to cheer up from the observation area, as well as the rest of the companions.
  • Our dolphins are extremely delicate animals, therefore we kindly ask you to do not use any kind of sun protection or skin products.
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Dolphin Trainer
Discover the experience of becoming a Dolphin Trainer, this incredible five hours and a half dolphin swim program give you exclusive access to the backstage and lots of educational and fun activities.