Did you know that dolphins…? Learn about this amazing marine mammals!

Dolphins are known for their friendliness towards humans, but what else do you know about them? Discover some interesting things about dolphins that will make you love them even more and enjoy your dolphin swim program immensely at Dolphinaris.

– For dolphins, breathing is a voluntary act, not a reflex, like it is for humans.

– Dolphins sleep with only half of their brain and the other half stays awake so they can continue breathing while they rest.

– Dolphins can communicate with each other with different sounds, and also use dance and jumps to communicate.

Dolphins love the weather of the Caribbean

– Dolphins eat less in the summer than in the winter because in the winter they need more calories to survive the colder water temperatures.

– Each dolphin has a different whistle from the rest. Though these animals don’t have vocal chords, they are capable of communicating with sounds produced by the air sacs next to their spiracle.