Terms and Conditions

It is very important that you read the Terms and Conditions very carefully before booking your reservation in Dolphinaris.

The total amount of your reservation will be charged to your card when you make the reservation.

Payments made with Visa or MasterCard, the charge will apply in US dollars any conversion to another currency will be held under the current exchange rate of your bank.

The statement will reflected the charge under the name of Dolphinaris.


  • Children should have at least 3 years of age to participate in any swimming program and must be accompanied by an adult paying the same program.
  •  The minimum age to participate in the Trainer for a Day program (TFD) is 12 years.
  •  The minimum height is 1.22 m (4 ft.) and must be able to swim in order to participate in our programs.
  •  Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in our swimming programs.
  •  Cameras and other personal items are not allowed in the swimming areas..
  •  Companions are not allowed to enter the swimming areas..

Changes and modifications:

All modifications or changes should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the confirmed date of your visit.

To make any changes, please send the confirmation number of your reservation and the new date of the visit by email: Dolphinaris email contact us Terms and Conditions and our booking staff will contact you or call our reservation office the following numbers: Toll Free USA: 1 855 203 9863 CAN: 1 855 882 6470 MEX: 01800 365 7446

Cancún y Riviera Maya: +52 (998) 881 30 30
Cozumel: +52 (987) 872 90 60


To make the refund for canceling of a reservation, you must do it at least 3 days prior to the confirmed reservation date, with charge of 10% of the total amount.

The validity of the coupon is one year from the date of purchase.

Climate guarantee:

If you want to reschedule your dolphin swim just call us 24 hours in advance and we will reschedule your visit. And if it does not fit your vacation plan your reservation is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

No Shows:

We request our visitors to be at the location at least half an hour before the confirmed schedule for you dolphin swim. In case of no show the charged amount is not refundable.


It is necessary that the holder of the credit card with which the payment was made, is presented with a photo ID. Otherwise your booking will not be valid.

Without exception, pregnant women are not allowed to engage in swim programs.

Dolphinaris provides interactive and secure swim programs, requiring physical participation of the visitor, whom must be in good health and able to understand and follow the instructions of our trainers.

If you have had recent or suffers from an ailment that can physically limit surgery, you should consult with our reservations staff before making your purchase.

If you have recently had surgery or an ailment that can physically limit you, you should consult with our reservations staff before making your purchase.

Persons that require special assistance:

Dolphinaris does everything possible for our visitors with special needs are comfortable. However, you must contact our reservations staff before making your purchase, to explain the type of assistance required and ensure that these needs can be met.