Swim with Dolphins in Cancun

Happy Dolphins

At Dolphinaris, the welfare of our dolphins is our number one priority. One of the things we do is giving them daily leisure time. During their play time our trainers put toys in the water and the dolphins are left alone to enjoy a relaxing moment.

One of the most important parts of the concept of animal welfare in human care is to provide permanent mental and physical stimulation. The overall goal of environmental enrichment is to modify the environment to improve the biological functioning of animals, identifying and providing necessary environmental stimuli in order to increase opportunities to exhibit normal behaviors.

The objectives of an environmental enrichment program are:

-Increase the playful behaviors
-Avoid the appearance of stereotyped behaviors
-Increasing the diversity of behaviors
-To encourage natural behaviors
-Changing the use of space
-Object Manipulation

At Dolphinaris we have created and implement a schedule of the different types of elements used for enrichment. This schedule is prepared by the training team supervisor and the veterinarian responsible for each location. This calendar is changed monthly in order to create new activities and rhythms of interaction with the elements, ensuring that each segment meets the objective of encouraging the exploration and use of the different elements.

See how our dolphins enjoy their free time as they play and have fun swimming and jumping in our lagoons, and discover there's no better place to share an incredible experience alongside these fantastic beings as in Dolphinaris.
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