Swim with Dolphins in Cancun

Dolphin Social Beahavior

In this section of Dolphinaris encyclopedia you will get a closer look to dolphin's behavior. In Dolphinaris we are aware of your interest for bottlenose dolphin' behavior; that's why we provide you with this information.

Social Structure

Swim with Dolphins in Cancun Dolphins live in groups called pods. A pod is a cohesive long-term social unit. The size of a pod varies significantly with its composition.

In the wild, pod composition and structure are based largely on age, sex, and reproductive condition.

Social Behavior

Dolphins in a pod appear to establish strong social bonds. Behavioral studies suggest that certain animals prefer association with each other and recognize each other after periods of separation. Mother-calf bonds are long-lasting; a calf typically stays with its mother three to six years or more. Adult male pair bonds are strong and long-lasting. Male pairs often engage in a number of cooperative behaviors.

Individual Behavior

Swim with Dolphins in Cancun

Dolphins have been seen jumping as high as 16 ft from the surface of the water and landing on their backs or sides, in a behavior called a breach. Both young and old dolphins chase one another, carry objects around, toss seaweed to one another, and use objects to solicit interaction. Such activity may be practice for catching food.

Interacion with other species

Bottlenose dolphins have been seen in groups of toothed whales such as pilot whales, spinner dolphins, spotted dolphins, and rough-toothed dolphins.

They also ride the pressure waves of gray whales, humpback whales, and right whales.

Dolphins respond to sharks with tolerance, avoidance, and aggression. Tiger sharks elicit the strongest responses from dolphins. Researchers have observed dolphins attacking, and sometimes killing, sharks in the wild.
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