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Dolphinaris Cozumel

Swim with Dolphins in Cozumel

Dolphinaris Cozumel has a privileged location within the pristine waters of the Mexican Caribbean’s heart; you will be able to enjoy a magical dolphin swim with a tailor made ALL-INCLUSIVE service.

The architecture of this dolphinarium is inspired in a fishermen village and has a design that, aside of being one of the most beautiful around the world, provides an ample home for dolphins where they can spaciously unwind during their dolphin encounter with our visitors.

Visit us and experience the thrill of being propelled by a dolphin on top of the water surface and observe how they communicate; have magical moments in one of the most beautiful natural locations that only the Mexican Caribbean can offer!

Enjoy swimming with dolphins in our dolphinarium and meet our Cozumel Dolphins these amazing marine mammals in a lifetime experience that you can share with the family and friends.

If you wish to have a complete lifetime experience you can be a Dolphin Trainer, our most complete and educational swim with dolphins program in Cozumel.

Florida Caribbean cruise association FCCA Platinum

*Choose your dolphin swim program, date & location. Save up to 50% off regular price booking in advance.

Swimming with dolphins Cozumel

A privileged location in the Mexican Caribbean, in Dolphinaris Cozumel you will be able to enjoy a magical encounter and swim with dolphins. The dolphinarium is inspired in a fishermen village and has a design that makes it one of the most beautiful around the world.

Dolphinaris Cozumel


All Inclusive Cozumel
Located right in the heart of Cozumel, Dolphinaris Cozumel offers:


  • Showers, bathrooms and dressing rooms available.
  • Complimentary WiFi Service
  • Enjoy our delicious food at “The Thin Blue” restaurant and cool off in our bar (food & beverages included)
  • Accessible stations to all.
  • Unique dolphinariums in Mexico with Life Support system.

Not Included:

  • Snorkel: Dive into the sub aquatic world and explore with your family.
  • Paddle Boarding: One of the most popular activities in Cozumel, found your balance and traverse the pristine clear waters on board of a paddle board.
  • Kayaks: Sail into one of the most mind blowing seas of the world on board of a kayak.

Additional Services:

  • MEMORIES TO PRESERVE, pre-purchase your professional dolphin photo shoot with an additional cost.
  • Towels & lockers rental service

Dolphinaris Cozumel


  • Children 3 years old and up with a minimum height of 1.22 m / 4 ft, are welcomed.
  • For your own safety, during your experience it’s important to leave out of the lagoon areas your personal belongings such as your camera, video and jewelry.
  • This experience is not recommended for pregnant women. If you are, you’ll be able to cheer up from the observation area, as well as the rest of the companions.
  • Our dolphins are extremely delicate animals, therefore we kindly ask you to not use any kind of sun protection or skin products.

Dolphinaris Cozumel

What we are proud of:

  • With the intention to convey the experience and knowledge we have gained through over 10 years Dolphinaris is an animal enterprise that promotes awareness of the dolphins to conserve and preserve the species in optimal conditions under human care.
  • Dolphinaris is a place where the primary concern is taking care of the dolphins, as well as all those who are fortunate enough to live with these amazing marine mammals whether visitors and trainers.
  • The population of dolphins in Dolphinaris is a proud ambassador of the species, thanks to the through veterinary care, physical and mental stimulation implemented, and the daily monitoring of physical condition, social relationships and developing them, our dolphins are a large sample of proper management of these marine mammals.
  • The management of dolphins lets us know his abilities, behavior and physical development both as social in optimal conditions in a controlled environment that ensures their welfare, turn this knowledge brings health and welfare parameters for copies habitat under human care and in wildlife.
  • The health and welfare of our dolphins, the relationship established with each trainer allows us to make a healthy coexistence with the species, motivating dolphins to voluntarily participate in our programs where they interact with humans.
  • Thus Dolphinaris achieved dive into the world of dolphins in a safe and reliable way to know their strength, intelligence, accuracy and nature.
  • In Dolphinaris we transcend generating knowledge regarding the management and dolphin behavior based on the way to train, the characteristics of the facilities, obtaining input and disseminate scientific knowledge of value.
  • We encourage to maintain a responsible breeding program that guarantees the permanence of species and habitats considering the spaces necessary for the proper development of the dolphins.
  • Thats why that we set socially stable populations allowing the welfare of the dolphins by promoting healthy with trainers and visitors.

In Dolphinaris We are proud to care and welfare of our dolphins, because we really care.



The Sundeck Lounge by Dolphinaris offers an excellent gastronomic experience where exquisite fusion dishes of Mexican and international cousine are tasted. The private deck offers spectacular views where the dolphins are the stars, and you can enjoy Premium drinks at the bar or in the infinity pool, while the comfort of fresh gazebos are ideal to celebrate special occasions.

The services and amenities in The Sundeck Lounge have an extra fee, applicable in the consumption of food and beverages. The Sundeck Lounge provides access to other areas.

Available on location Cozumel, Cancun and Riviera Maya.

New spaces for our visitors, modern areas to relax or to decide what memories to take home from their experience in Dolphinaris.

  • Private area
  • Access adults only
  • Premium service
  • High quality food
  • Premium Brand Liquors
  • Infinity pool
  • Outside bar
  • Deck with lounge chairs
  • Preferred view of the dolphinarium


Take a look at our map and virtual tour in Dolphinaris Cozumel!

Dolphinaris Cozumel
A privileged location in the Mexican Caribbean, in Dolphinaris Cozumel you will be able to enjoy a magical encounter and swim with dolphins. The dolphinarium is inspired in a fishermen village and has a design that makes it one of the most beautiful around the world.


Address Ave. Rafael E. Melgar. Zona 2, Km.1.5 17th Street y 19 South.,  Cozumel, Quintana Roo. Zip Code 77600, Mexico.