Swim with dolphins in cancun

About us

Dolphins have fascinated men like no other animal species in the world. Their beauty and special nature are truly unique. Dolphin interactive programs have become the most preferred activity among those searching for a life experience and to have a personal and intimate encounter with these wonderful animals.

Dolphinaris was formed around a commitment to provide visitors with a lifetime experience with dolphins. In our facilities we created a place for you to enjoy, as well as a place for our dolphins to call home.

The history

Swim with dolphins in cancun

Dolphinaris arose from the 1997 opening of the Wet N' Wild Water Park. The original project had two major attractions, the park itself, and a dolphin facility. At that time, Dolphinaris Cancun, constituted the largest dolphin space facility in the market.

In 2003, after seeing the successful operation of the dolphinarium in Cancun, the construction of a new dolphinarium began on the island of Cozumel. This dolphinarium opened its doors to the public the summer of the following year. Today the Cozumel facilities, include magnificent coves located on the outskirts of the commercial area of the island.

In 2005, hurricanes Emily and Wilma destroyed the facilities of both Cancun and Cozumel. After these disasters, the company decided to rebuild and come back better than ever. The idea was to reenter the world market by creating a new standard in the industry. Dolphinaris Cancun reopened in 2007 and Dolphinaris Cozumel in 2008, today, we can proudly say that our facilities may be considered the best ones in Latin America.

To continue with the company vision, construction started in 2009 at the Riviera Maya facility. This was a very large project located in the heart of one of the popular tourist destinations in Mexico. Today this is one of the best dolphinariums in the world and it satisfies even the most sharp-eyed travelers from around the world.

Dolphinaris is continuously looking for important tourist destinations to expand the family with new locations, always focusing on building the most advanced, modern, safe and beautiful dolphinariums in the world.

Our vision

Swim with dolphins in cancun

Dolphinaris is an organization in the amusement industry dedicated to the fast growing popular attraction of "Swim with the Dolphins". The Company´s business target market is vacationers from around the world in the most popular Caribbean destinations. It is recognized as the premier brand in Mexico due to the caliber of its facilities and quality of service. Our unprecedented "life support" system provides us facilities and material resources to ensure the well-being of the dolphins and their quality service based on the best care to clients during each process.

The most important aspect that defines Dolphinaris is its human value, staff specialized, with years of experience, working each administrative area and operation guided by our mission, vision and values.


Swim with dolphins in Cozumel
To be leaders in the marine park industry, with an outstanding visitor service and the best home for their dolphins, in a clean, safe and friendly environment.


Dolphinaris is a special place where people and dolphins share the wonder of close contact and interaction. Dolphinaris is a work place for individuals with a strong devotion for animal care and marine life, which in conjunction with the best facilities and service staff, strives to provide the best guest experience in a family environment.


  • Moral Values
  • Integrity
  • Conservation
  • Teamwork
  • Quality of Service
  • Financial Success
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